social media marketing

why do social media?

Social media should be a key pillar in your marketing strategy and a high priority for every business right now. From organic social marketing with regular posting and engagement to proactive social marketing, employing full-scale strategic ad campaigns.

We have it all covered for you, taking away the pain and the effort. We deliver big results for you in social media management and social media marketing services at a fraction of the cost of most other agencies.

So, let us keep your clients and prospects up to date with all that’s happening in your business. News about your company, you, your colleagues, your achievements plus industry-relevant and related content….

The more that people know you, the more they will like and trust you.

12 good reasons to hire a social media manager

1.      It’s a jungle out there.
2.      It’s not your priority, but running your business is.
3.      You’re not an expert.
4.      Social media marketing is not an admin task.
5.      The good old (simple) days are gone.
6.      You need to go beyond just brand awareness.
7.      They can get eyes on your content.
8.      You can get increased PR opportunities.
9.      To keep ahead of your competitors.
10.    They can save you money.
11.    They’ll keep you on top of your game.
12.    You hate social media!

the process

And we not only save time for you and your business, but we actually push your business forward, through effective and professional social media management.

Our team researches your business and your market. The onboarding process for new clients is fast, painless, and completed within 7 days.

Getting Creative….
Next, we design all the stylish and well-crafted assets for the social media campaign, such as post templates, videos, etc.

Off we go…
Then it’s time to start posting to all your social media channels, engaging with your audience and, ultimately, finding you new business.

and these too...

Story posts…
Facebook and Instagram stories achieve much higher visibility and should be posted as often as possible. We encourage you to post your stories daily if possible. However, our monthly plans do include some story posts to assist. This means that your content will get seen more often.

Posting to groups…
Facebook groups are huge at the moment and your ideal clients are probably in there, posting regularly. We’ll identify the best groups for your business and market sector and post your best weekly content in them and respond accordingly.

Social listening to your niche…
Using our in-house tools and apps, we have access to up-to-date news and comments online around your niche or business name!

Here at Sound & Vision Marketing, our mission is to save the busy business owner time and money, through effective marketing.